Monday, 18 June 2007

Vine weevils at midnight

For the first time I've been struck by the dreaded weevil. The leaves of a pot-grown euonymus and a nearby blueberry had the tell-tale leaf notches.

So late last night I went out with a torch - and there they were - six of them munching away. By carefully dislodging them and letting them fall into a jam jar I caught all six and then let my feet do the talking - and the walking - all over them. They sure do make a resounding and satisfying crunch!

After that it was out with the Provado to give the euonymus a good spraying of Ultimate Bug Killer and the soil a drenching of Vine Weevil Killer 2. Although the new version of Ultimate Bug Killer has approval for use on blueberries, I'm loathe to use this unless things get worse.

I'm going out again tonight to make sure it has worked &/or capture some more of the swines.

Now where's that hammer!