Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Gardening shows, events and weeks

I need help! Each year I compile a list of national and major flower shows and other large gardening events in the UK, but I want to extend it and ensure I capture all the major gardening events going on in 2011.

I also want to include all the national gardening 'weeks' and 'days' that relate to plants and gardening - like National Tree Week, National Conifer Week, National Allotment Week and National Tomato Day - yes, there is one!

There's so much info out there about shows and events, but no-one seems to produce a really comprehensive list. This is my aim for 2011. Don't worry I won't be following up and asking people to give me money for advertising - honest.

So, if anyone knows of an event going on, or is even organising one, or who knows of a national week or day that needs to be more widely known and promoted to gardeners then please let me know. You can either leave a comment on this blog or e-mail me direct at

If there's a website with more info, it would be great if you could let me have the web address.

And no funny quips about me needing 'help' please!