Thursday 28 February 2008

Voice in the ether

One of the other things that I get up to on a monthly basis, and really enjoy doing, is recording the monthly gardening and promotional messages for Garden Radio. This is the in-store music and messaging service for garden centres, now playing in more than 90 outlets throughout the UK.
This service is a great way for garden centres to promote their special offers and gives timely tips to customers when they visit the centre.
So, if you've ever wandered around a garden centre and heard a voice over the PA system saying "Now's the time to buy your petunias...!" or similar messages, the likelihood is it's me.
Visit the Garden Radio website if you want to know more

Friday 22 February 2008

Itchy fingers

I'm getting impatient. It’s that time of year when gardeners can’t make up their minds what to do – and either get really frustrated or do silly things too early and regret it later.
OK, yes I’ve done some pottering around the garden – tidying this and straightening that. But I want to get on with seed sowing, major projects and the like.
So what has been happening in the great outdoors? Well, I’ve been hacking back (that’s a technical term for severe pruning!) a large pyracantha screen along one side of the garden and started to revamp one of the borders – it’s tired, the plants need looking at and the soil has deteriorated, so needs some new life putting in it. So we’ve been lifting and dividing perennials and repotting other things ready for the big change over.
I’ve managed to plant out some of the broad beans and winter/spring lettuces under cloches. The onions under lights have been repotted and look like they’re doing OK.
Now if this weekend promises to be as good as the Met Office says – rather than being a miserable, cold fog-bound one like last weekend, maybe I can work off some of the impatience and frustration.