Thursday 28 August 2008

Committing a sin...

Yes, I've committed the ultimate web/blog owners sin - I haven't updated for ages; but I can't believe it was pre-Chelsea Flower Show when I posted my last blog entry. I've been away and I've been busy - not much of an excuse but the only one (or is that two?) I can use.
I've also committed the ultimate gardeners' sin and been away on holiday during the summer. In my defence, the mother-in-law did house-sit and made an excellent job of looking after the garden while I was away.
The day job at the RHS has been very taxing as we've been working on our show coverage and running some major projects, and to be honest I just haven't felt like sitting in front of a computer screen when I get home. I don't make resolutions, and I'm not going to start here, but I will try harder to keep the blog up to date.
I have been answering gardening questions by e-mail that have been sent to me, so I don't feel totally wretched with myself.
It's also been a hard year in the garden. A few weeks ago, what with all the rain, wind, cold weather (we're all doomed!), I did feel like giving up gardening too! Everything has grown up tall and lanky and then been bashed about by the weather. The veg garden isn't performing as I'd like either - well, it's mainly the tomatoes - they've been rubbish.
However, I did spend all three days of the bank holiday getting things back into shape and now I feel more positive and up for the fight. The garden has also been plagued by vine weevil - the first time ever - and I've been spending time and effort dealing with the little beggars; they do make a lovely crunching noise when you stamp on them.
So, if you've thought that 2008 has been a rubbish year in the garden, take heart - you're not alone. And, as us gardeners always say: "Well, there's always next year!".