Thursday 16 July 2009

Flexible gardening friend

FIGO three-arm connectorFIGO four-arm connector

I'm helping to launch a new gardening product - FIGO, your flexible gardening friend. For those of you who love a bit of DIY dalliance in the garden - building things to help make your gardening better & easier - then FIGO is definitely something for you.
The versatile three- and four-arm adaptors can be used with a range of bamboo canes and other poles to make loads of things for the garden - from wigwams and other structures for climbing plants to plant protection supports, cold frames, cloches and even fruit cages! In fact, just about anything you can think of - the only limitation is your imagination!

Tripod using a FIGO three-arm connectorFIGO was invented and designed by gardener Sharon Wong, after a frustrating time trying to use an existing product. Sharon was fed up with sharing her vegetables and flowers with rabbits, pigeons and badgers, so she bought a product with claims that, ‘using a set of these connectors, plant protection cages that are strong and versatile could be built, quickly and easily using bamboo canes’. It sounded like the answer to her prayers. Her experience with them was quite the opposite, in fact, it was a long and frustrating process.
Not one bamboo cane in her vast collection fitted the holes in the connectors. Trying to overcome the problem, she shaved the ends of thick canes to make them fit. The task took forever. Having finally sorted a set of canes that more or less fitted, where the fit was not perfect, the canes kept falling out. She resorted to using tape, but it was still most unsatisfactory. After that, she decided to have a go at designing something herself!
We're currently testing and redefining the product to ensure it stands up to the rigours of the most avid gardener. FIGO should be available from garden centres and mail order suppliers from September. I'll let you know when they go on sale.


  1. Figo looks a great product, I would definitely be interested in stocking them.

  2. Hi Gardening Extras
    Glad you like it. I'll forward your interest to the company, who I'm sure would love to talk to you about it. Would you like to e-mail me your contact details? If so, send them to

  3. No doubt, FIGO is really our flexible garden friend, i love it.

  4. Figo is good product, which should be increased

  5. It's great to have such positive feedback about FIGO. I've been using mine all winter and spring to support plastic sheeting and fleece over various frost-susceptible plants and crops.

  6. WOW, FIGO is best product, it should be marketed with all possible efforts.